Our 5 1/2 year old is in Kindergarten at a Montessori school. He has had behavior issues dealing with touching, and we have used the ticket system to remedy these to a managable infraction (maybe loses two numbers a week at school). In meeting with his teacher today, she has told us that she is worried about him interrupting and his "impulse control". Her definition is that when they are in circle time and she is telling/demonstrating something he chimes in or answers the question out of turn or adds something when there wasn't a question. She says he is usually right, and often adds to the discussion, but she says that he can't control his impulse to answer. Another instance she gave is that when he is working on his work and sees a child across the room doing something wrong with his work/project. Our son will get up to help the other child (without being asked). Are these behaviors we should be worried about? If so, what are your suggestions? Thank you!

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