Extreme Makeove Follow up


This is just us letting you know per your requests how things are going thus far with our seven year old daughter who had her room stripped, a list of "guidelines" given for her to implement into her person immediately, and sentences given for some repeated infractions.
THE GOOD: She has changed significantly in her outward expression. She no longer just blabs and blabs to hear herself speak. She is noticeably sweeter, and a touch more conscious that there are other people in the world besides her.
THE BAD: She has not earned one day thus far for her 30 consecutive days. Now, I did tell her when we lowered the boom on her that her mother and I were prepared for her to be in her room for the rest of her life if needed. That if she wanted her priveleges restored she needed to make it happen. She has still demonstrated her tendency towards deception. She went as far as to cut her own hair in an attempt to have it styled in a way that her mother had told her "NO" to before.
THE UGLY: We are torn at the moment on whether to punish these incidents on top of her already punished state. She is still writing sentences from the original punishment. I wonder when she has absolutely nothing to do in her room but sit and ponder if something will change. I left her a book in there, and a writing pad obviously, but I am considering taking all of them out. What do you think? Not sure what to do about the hair either. We are doing nothing at the moment, letting it sink in while we decide. We have not even let on that we know about it yet. Anyway, staying the course, but not feeling as good as we did initially. If you do think we should punish on top of things I would love to hear an idea for that.
Thank you

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