grandma is giving kids ammo


I have 5 year old twin girls (I'll rename Alisa and Ally). My mother in law obviously favors Alisa over Ally. Although she adamantly denies it, she is always helicoptering and fussing over Alisa and basically spoils her. When I discipline Alisa she complains that I pick on her and favor Ally. A recent example of her meddling is the other night Alisa was sent to her room for slapping Ally across the face when MIL stopped by (she conveniently lives across the street and is therefore unavoidable). She found out Alisa was in time out for hitting she asked 'what did Ally do to her' in front of both kids. She then tried to step in and make them apologize. After great effort from my husband she finally left but not before she meddled or gave her 2 cents. This is not the first incident nor I suspect the last. She talks about the kids directly in front of them frequently. I'm concerned that she is 'loading the guns' . Parenting can be difficult enough without this kind of 'help'. Should Grandma be more discreet with her conversations and comments or should I let it go?

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