Not paying attention to potty training


I have a 5, 4, 23 month, and 2 month old. With the 5 and 4 year old I potty trained early with N75, but had lots of struggles. This time around I was dreading it, but I knew he was ready and capable. However, I am quite a bit busier this time around than I was with the older two!
And you know what? He's doing great! So much easier than the first two were! I think the fact that I just don't have time to hover (even though I tried not to the other times) has made all the difference. He's going to be done probably in 2 to 3 weeks and is already in pants and underwear after 5 days. I just want to let other parents know that it really does work and encourage them to let the child do it -- and not to be afraid to get tough with them. Thanks!!!

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