My 5 yr old son was having problems hitting at school and we implemented the no tolerance policy and when he would hurt a child at school we would go pick him up and he would be in his room for the rest of the day. This worked and we then went to the next target behavior of touching, he would randomly touch kids at school (not harmful), so we implemented the report card system and that behavior has mainly stopped, he maybe looses one number a day for that. The next behavior we are trying to correct is that his teach says he interrupts too much, so we asked her to use the number/ticket system for that. She talked to me the other day when I was picking him up and said that she thinks the report card system has done all it can do and that it's not helping anymore, but she doesn't give him the report card when he asks (she says she'll bring it to him in child care and forgets), so we have no way (until we e-mail her) to find out if we need to punish him when we get home. She wants to have him evaluated because she says he's "driven by a motor", what can we do? At home if he interrupts, we send him to his room for 10 minutes. How do we get rid of the behavior at school?

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