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My eldest child, who just turned 8, is generally a pretty good kid. He has some self-centeredness issues which we have been working on since since the "terrible toddler" days and we have seen improvement. It seems as if this self-centeredness is now manifesting itself with excessive, louder-than-normal talking. I wish I could explain this to you better, but.... he just won't shut up, especially around other adults, and even his peers. He wants to interrupt at times and unless we intervene, he will talk over his friends and his younger siblings. He's probably going to have to learn the hard-way with the his friends, but my husband and I want to know the best way to correct this? I feel like I am always telling him to "shhhh" or "that's enough", etc... I guess you could say he is embarassing us? He is a little full of himself and it's starting to worry us. I could definitely be more descriptive, but wanted to be brief. Thanks for any suggestions! By the way, there were no problems in school last year with too much socializing.

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