"Ask a child no questions, the child will tell you no lies. "

Mommy never wants daughter to be upset


Anytime our daughter (28 months) cries mommy always wants her to stop because she can not stand her crying. Last night, I (daddy) gave our daughter a bath, and midway through the bath she started crying, her face gets red dots on it, and she did not stop this time until mommy came in. Mommy is like the police and wants every detail on why she is crying and what I did to try and stop it. Now, our daughter starts getting into an emoitonal state of fear of daddy when I try to give her a bath, so moomy has to do it now. Granted, she has not been napping during the day, so she may have been tired. She may have been hungry...who knows. I have no common sense as to what I can do to inform mommy that it is Ok for our daughter to cry because I will lose no matter what - do you have any ideas? Why is my daughter afraid of me giving her a bath all of a sudden? Note - a couple nights before this happened, our daughter got soap in her eyes when I gave her a bath.

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