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I am struggling with what, if anything to do differently with my 7 year old daughter. She goes to a private school that is developmentally based and moves slower in the academics than public schools.
They do not take any tests, but they do assessments twice yearly. The first assessment shows my daughter doing very average work-which (the teacher agrees) is below her apptitude. She has a postive attitude about her work, but doesn't apply herself to the best of her ability. She does what is required of her but no more than that. Recently though she has been goofing around with the other kids and needs to be refocused on her work in order to finish it.
The goofing around I have no problem with-as far as how to correct it-tickets work well for her. However, I am conflicted on the work effort. What kind of work ethic can I expect from a 7 year old? How much homework should she be doing? Should I be pushing for more achievement at this age?
In general she is pleasant,cooperative, entertains herself well and does her chores. Am I wrong not to have her in dance or karate or sports-would these activities help her to understand how to work hard towards a goal? Or am I expecting a 7 year old to act like a 12 year old?
Her teacher doesn't think I should be concerned, but I am......

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