going to bed


Our nine and ten year old have trouble going to bed when told. (yes it isn't the only obedience issue). But this one just gets chronically frustrating. Not getting pj's on when told (it's not the worst thing when they choose to sleep in their clothes). But one may just start to brush teeth, the other one comes in the bathroom, distracts him on purpose or not, toothbrush is laid down, and one starts to chase the other down the stairs, they wrestle, run around and wrestle some more, cannot get their atention. It takes SO long to simply get to bed. I have stopped trying to be stresed about it at least outwardly to let them know. And somtimes (not always) strangly, when they go to bed late, they get up earlier! Putting them to bed earlier doesn't work. They usually respond better to positive reinforcement. First should we reward them them when getting to bed properly on time?And then should I break it down, still keeping it simple,like points for pj's on ,brushing teeth, staying upstairs ect.?

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