Deep sleeper needs wet alarm


My 2.5 y/o son was day trained at 16 months. I tried, and stopped, night training several times after one week. Reason?? He slept right through all wet accidents. I am now trying again and he's still a very, very deep sleeper. He's in bed at 7-8pm and I check him at 11pm. Usually soaking wet. I wake him up and change him and bed. But he's so sleepy/groggy when i wake him. He tries to follow my instructions, but last night he almost fell off the potty because he just fell asleep while sitting! Help. Has anyone else had this problem and what did you do?? How do I train a kid that doesn't wake up? He's more than capable of putting a towel over the mess, but he never wakes up to feel it. Thanks.

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