5 yo too loud


Hi! I have 2 questions
1. My daughter is 5 years old and she seems to have a problem with talking very loud excessively. It is driving me crazy. I'm not even sure she is meaning to do it, but she maybe just talks really loud. At any rate, she has waken her new baby sister several times with her very loud talking. Even at the table while eating she will talk so loud we always say "honey we are right here, not across the street." I'm not sure what to do about it. I have already spoke to her about talking in a low voice and I have been consistent in saying "that is too loud, talk quietly." She does speak quieter when I say something but by then it is too late, the new baby has already been woke up or her little brother has been woke up from his nap early. Do I just need to continue to remind her of this until she finally stops or could I do something more to speed up the process?

2. Same daughter also has a bad attitude at times. She has begun wearing shorts and she has started rolling them up, way high. Too high for a young lady, in my opinion. I told her today not to be rolling up her shorts because it is not lady like. She informed me that she liked it that way. I explained to her that she will wear pants for the summer if this is going to be a problem. To which she replied "I'll roll them up too!" What should I say to things like this?

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