Fear of Public Restrooms - Part II


I wrote over a year ago about my daughter (26 mos at the time)and her fear of public restrooms. I was advised to go ahead with potty training at home and that the fear of public restrooms should dissapate over time. She is now three and has been completely potty trained at home for over 6 months. Problem - still terrified of public potties. She goes into hysterics just walking into a stall with me, screaming in terror and pushing at the door to get out. She will hold it for hours till we get home. I've tried spending a whole day out to try to force it, but she held it for over 6 hours. She's a champion on the potty in every other way. I should add that she has always shown a lot of fear and caution in many areas - on the playground, around the house, etc.

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