Frustrated with adult teen with bad boyfriend


We have a 19 yr old daughter who is being totally controlled by her boyfriend and it is scarring us. She went shopping with us yesterday and when he called her we heard her say to him I decided to go like he was questioning her why she went shopping and she also told him that she was by herself because he doesn't want her to be with us. When we got back she had to go right home so I confronted her and she denied it at first until I said fine I will call him and tell him you were with us then she finally admitted to it. Then it later came out that they were living together which is very concerning to us not only because we don't believe in it but also because of how he controls her. She is permanent staff at a christian camp and the director believes very strongly about his staff living moral lives and has fired some because of the lives they were living outside of camp. I feel convicted that I need to tell him not to get her fired (although that may happen), but so he could maybe talk some sense in to her and I feel he needs to know the truth about her secret life. I want to know what your opinion is because the one fear I have is that she may not talk to us for a long time if ever. She is totally emancipated and we don't help her financially in any way.

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