The clothing war-at 6 years old!


I didn't expect this to be a problem already, but it is. I saw this question was posted by someone else and you said to hand her over to the sales lady. But the problem is not finding clothes/shoes...but it's what happens when we get home. I buy clothes when she is with me and only purchase things she likes. But then later she decides she doesn't like the things she helped pick out or says the shoes hurt her feet. How do I handle that? I know some might say, "Well those are her clothes and she has to wear what you bought!" which is correct in theory but makes for a horrible morning routine! Isn't there something else I can do? It's maddening. Thank you.

"i spoke to your doctor about this, and he says that i cannot buy you any more clothes or shoes until you start wearing, without any complaining at all, the clothes and shoes you already have. and he says you have to do that for two months before i can start buying you stuff again. and he says that you don't want to get him involved in this, ever again, if you know what's good for you."

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