3 children trying Mom's patience


We have three children just turning 6, a 4 1/2, and 26 mth old. I am expecting in 6 weeks and our house seems to be turning upside down. Maybe I am just overly nagging right now, the children are tense because we are tense, or they are really just being naughty. 26 mth is totally potty trained, 6 year old is a big help to me chores and the baby, 4 tries to make me happy but often times does something bad in the run, but we seem to be having re-occuring problems. Such as, coloring on furniture and walls (lost crayon priv. many times for it), taking things that belong to my husband and I, blatantly disobeying me when asked not to do something, playing at bedtime, and not sitting quietly in time out. 26 mth is a mild terrible two with only prob being that he doesnt follow orders well without a spanking. My question is, am I not giving them enough attention or routine, are they acting up because they are apprehensive about the new child, am I expecting too much? How much horrible should I expect out of a set of 3 these ages that spend most of their days indoors? I am partially bed ridden so I rely on the 6 to do a lot of my work, how can I make the next 6 weeks a little easier for all of us.

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