separation anxiety part II


My almost five year old son goes nuts when my husband and I leave him with a babysitter! Said babysitter is an aide in his class at school and he knows/loves her...until she comes to our house. When we are ready to leave, his protest starts with a quivering voice asking for hugs and kisses, then escalates to screaming and yelling that he does not want us to leave. When the babysitter takes him from us, he is flailing his arms and legs, so she get hit and kicked. He goes to preschool every day and sepratates fine! (He had some separation issues at the beginning of the school year, but those worked themselves out.) What can we do to break this embarrassing habit with babysitters?
The second part of my question is what if my son pulls the same stunts (screaming, kicking, hitting) when getting out of the car at school or camp (9 - 1 for one week in the Summer)? Thanks so much for your help!

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