13.5 month old with gross motor delays


I know this isn't really a behavioral issue but my son will begin seeing a physical therapist tomorrow for gross motor developmental delays. To say that I'm worried about his future is a massive understatement. The short story is he is 13 months old and he can sit up on his own but can't get into the sitting up position on his own. He can be on all 4's but can't get into that position on his own. He can stand for periods of time holding on to the table or couch but can't get to the standing position on his own. He can roll over both ways most of the time but he seems to get an arm stuck underneath him and then its a crying fit because he doesn't know to move it. I had an amnio when I was pregnant with him and that was completely normal. His speech seems to be OK too although I am asking for a speech therapist just to be certain. His fine motor skills, feeding, drinking, stacking blocks, etc., all good. So I guess my questions are what would cause a gross motor delay like this and am I looking at other developmental issues down the road. I'm almost afraid of your answer....

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