Can a mama's boy be changed?


My otherwise wonderful 4.5 year old son, an only child, has blatantly favored me over his father since he was about 1.5 years. I'm the "primary" parent, by a small margin, but dad certainly does his share. Still, if my husband picks him up from pre-school, our boy will drop to the ground wailing in misery. If I get him to bed, things are fine, but if it's Dad's turn, forget it. Neither of us give him any sympathy over his attitude, so he goes to bed crying every other night. We stick together and discipline him for acting out this way, but my husband is privately quite hurt and feels like he has nothing but negative interaction with his son. When I'm unequivocally not around, they do get along - until I return. Then it's back to Mama. Should I just move to Hawai'i for six months? All kidding aside, what can we do to change his attitude?

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