6 yo girl: hitting and pinching


We have 5 children (3 are mine 2 are my husband's), and the youngest is 6. We are currently doing the "ticket" concept with them, and one of the 6 year-old's issues is hitting/pinching/pulling hair etc. We've grounded her a couple times for a week (which means going to bed an hour earlier than normal, no electronics of any kind, and no desserts for the whole week), and she is still hitting pinching and pulling hair. I know it's probably that she's the youngest and it's a "pecking order" thing, but what would you suggest we do to make it stop? Supposedly when she's at her father's house she doesn't do it (he's a strict disciplinarian and they are all 3 afraid of him), so maybe he's doing something right if she doesn't do it there!? What do you suggest? Thanks,

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