25 month old girl toilett training


It is day 3 on N$75... I'm doing my best to keep my cool. The 1st day she got accidents, sit on the toilett but didn't released. 2nd day we ran some errands and she didn't had an accident while we were out (she got underwears, regular ones). Later that evening she used the toilett to pee. Today, (3rd day) she had an accident this morning and came and told me: "Accident" with a smile on her face. Told her she needs to put her pee-pee in th toilett, I walked her to the toilett to see if she had some more, she sat there for about 6 seconds: "I'm done". Then after a little while she had a poop accident in the family room. I am not concerned about the carpet cleaning, because those are learning experiences. I just need to know if I should be more proactive or reactive to it, I just feel that the accidents are going to set a precedent... I've read a lot on the Q&A and is very usefull info. by the way! Should I let her have more accidents or should I structure her day with the potty bell or should I spank... I'm lost! Thanks very much for your advice.

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