Potty update 21st month


ok. At my wits end. We started june 8th. We have gotten him to where he keeps his pants dry in public and pees on the potty at home; about 1 accident a day where he gets to playing and forgets. Today was the first time he initiated pooping on the potty. He got up from naptime and did it by himself. This is the only time in the past 3 weeks that I have seen this, however, the rest of the day, continued to poop on the floor. He doesn't grunt or anything and his stools have been somewhat loose since we started training, and sometimes diarrhea. I am so tired of potty training. All my other kids were poop trained first but he is totally grossed out by his poop and some reason doesnt want to land it where it goes but when asked,he will show you where it belongs.

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