scrabble boys will be boys


3 lively, but good boys. ages 8, 9 and almost 13. am i expecting too much for them to be able to sit still and play an entire game of scrabble. they wanted to play, finished the game, good sportsmanship for the most part, but wow! are they loud and silly. they crack jokes, laugh at silly words, fall on the floor. i tell them they ought to be able to show self control and just play the game, take turns and be quiet about it. i hate to say anything becuase they aren't fighting and actually enjoying each other's company. is this "boys will be boys" or should they be expected to sit and show more self control between turns. sometimes they are so funny that i can't help but laugh myself, but as soon as i do, they take it as their ticket to get even more wild and then i get frustrated and threaten to send them to bed early if they can't play a game like civilized human beings. sounds like fun, huh, great splendini?

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