"Ask a child no questions, the child will tell you no lies. "

Teenage daughter's boyfriend is non-believer


Our plan is to NOT stay out of our kids dating decisions. Dating is the first step in the marriage process, right? So we figure why would we allow our children to date somebody that doesn't meet the only criteria that God sets for marriage? The directive from the bible about marriage is very clear. We are allowed much freedom in the decision of, if, when and who we marry as long as it is to another believer (1Cor7:39). Not to say that choosing a believer as a spouse or date is a guarantee for success but we will only allow our kids to date those who have shown a heart to do things Gods way. That being hard to determine sometimes we will take a guess at it and hope that we are laying a foundation now so that the kids come to that decision on their own without us having to step in. What do you think?

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