Sharing rooms - Doctor takes the blame


Thank you for your response yesterday about my 2.5 yr old and 4.5 yr old sharing a room. We are about to have another baby and you suggested we should separate them because it was too disruptive. I am going to do so, but wondered if you had advice as to how to separate them without it being too punitive? Or maybe it SHOULD be punitive? I just know that the 2 yr old is going to have a huge problem with it -- he is so excited about his "new bed" and gets so upset when he gets put back into his crib to sleep (like he did last night -- and cried himself to sleep, then was up in the night crying about wanting one more chance to sleep in his new bed). Is there a good way to soften the blow or explain why I have to separate them for good (for awhile, anyhow)? Thank you very much!

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