17 yo teenager with no direction


My son is a 17-yr.-old junior in high school. Basically, he has no interests. He has a job at a local restaurant which he does enjoy, and he volunteers at our church's CCD program on Sundays. He has many friends and is popular at school.
He has very little self-confidence and appears overly concerned about what other people think about how he looks and what he wears.
When he appears interested in something, such as photography or computer-related activities, it's temporary. He appears to have a hard time being commited to things.
He is a mediocre student, but does want to go to college. I am very worried about him because he expressed to me today that he has no idea what he wants to do in his life and that everything seems pointless. Any attempts at discussing his isssues ends with him arguing with anything I say to him.
Sometimes I feel he likes people to feel sorry for him and plays it up to the hilt, but other times I worry that he's truly got a problem and needs some counseling.
Do you have any ideas or suggestions?

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