discipline works


Nearly two months ago I asked a question about two of my children--one having pee accidents, the other one poop accidents. While waiting for an answer my husband and I put our heads together and hatched a plan to lower the boom.
One fateful Saturday morning we annouced a family meeting. Our daughter, 5 yo. pee-er, said "Oh, great!" We explained what we were about to do and then they watched as we carried all toys out of their rooms. They also lost crayons, scissors, etc. They were told that they could earn back a privilege of having a toy to play with by having a "no accident" day. The old approach of cleaning up the mess and being sent to their room also still applied. They were left with a bed, clothes and books only.
Within a matter of days the pee-er quit having accidents...at night too. The poop-er (3 yo. boy) has a way to go still but has improved greatly. The plan is still in effect; our family is much less stressed and I am doing less laundry. We've noticed a positive effect on other behaviors too. In fact we plan to tie in the ticket system already in place for the 5 yo. Such as, you lose your 3rd ticket and not only do you go to your room the remainder of the day but now you also lose a toy of our choice. You can earn it back the next day if you don't have all 3 tickets taken. I am positive it will work.

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