Autism on the rise?


With the decrease in ADD and ADHD hype, it seems to be replaced with autism "awareness." From the new wave of teachers to Oprah to ABC news, it appears almost everywhere. I'm particulary sensitive to the subject because everytime my sister, who is a new teacher, and her classmates hear about the odd memory and quirks my 4-yr old son has, they want to know, "Is he social?" Followed by "He might be on the spectrum." He's extrememly social so that shuts them up. I used to be afraid of teachers trying to convince me he was ADHD. Now I'm worried they'll tell me he's autistic because he gets fixated on things (like water towers, trucks, planets, letters), likes things a certain way, HATES water on his head, and memorizes things forwards and backwards. Yes, it's odd but his father has a memory like that! He loves to learn and I'm thrilled. Why does everything now need a label or am I too closed minded on the subject?

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