5 yo dislikes dad


My 5 year old daughter acts as if she dislikes her Dad. Most of her life she has acted this way. Her and her Dad are big buddies when Mommy is away, but when I am around she tells us how I am her favorite and will not let her Dad have a whole lot to do with her. She can be very hurtful. She told him today that she only liked him because he gave her treats. My husband and I have a good marriage. We do need to work on being closer because our daughter has always been an extremely strong-willed child and I have spent most of the last five years trying to parent her and not paid as much attention to my marraige as I should have. She is also a very jealous child. My husband and I hug and she gets upset because she was not included. You can tell another person or child they have on a pretty outfit and she says, "Is mine not pretty?" Can you tell me why she acts this way toward her Dad and what is the best way to handle this. Thank you for your help.

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