Follow-Up to EMDR


Thank you for your input on the previous EMDR [Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing ] question concerning my husband and our 3 yo daughter. Yes, we are aware of this possibly being the latest "therapy fad" however, he/we are working closely with an ordained pentacostal minister who also has his masters in counseling and is certified in this EMDR. I have checked out his references and spoken with him in length. He seems to be a very caring, Christ centered minister. Not some swinging from the chandelier pentacostal snake charmer. This is the first that we have heard of this therapy and the therapist is only using this to deal with a specific trauma that my husband has gone through. I am not using the word trauma lightly, I am referring to years of abuse from his parents while he was growing up. While my husband has turned his life around and become a wonderful God fearing person, there is always this underlying anger that he has that tends to surface. We are hoping that this therapy will help that.
The "trauma" that our daughter saw was on Thanksgiving, she witnessed some violent physical abuse on a family member. She was very scared/upset. We removed her from the situation immediately, talked once about it, let her sleep in our room for ONE night, then only mentioned it briefly when she would bring it up over the next couple of weeks. We quickly reassured her that she was safe and then changed the subject. She has ceased to mention it.
Again, thank you for you for taking your time and for all the advice.

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