Terrible Two Disobedience


Q; For the record, I've purchased and read "Making the Terrible Two's Terrific." I also have a 7 yr old who was a wonderful 2 yr old, and had me convinced I was the greatest mom on earth. But my current 2 yr old (32 months) will not obey (and has me wondering about my mothering abilities). When I tell her to do something she says 'no.' Every night I have to struggle with her to brush teeth & put on PJs. She is in childcare 2 hours a week (while I'm in bible study) and the teacher commented that if she tells another child not to do something (i.e. "Don't stand in the chair please.") my 2 yr old will come and do whatever she just told another not to do. My daughter seems to enjoy disobeying. She was a late talker (first word at 20 months) but bright (could sign 80 words by the time she started talking) and now talks fine. She can tantrum for 10 minutes straight, screaming, and is getting a reputation at a naughty child. Ideas???

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