Adult daughter: Should We Relinquish Control of Daughter 100%


Our college-age daughter (20 yrs. old) recently sent an e-mail that she is planning a spring break with her boyfriend. Is there any way to forbid this? These are not the values we gave her and we don't like it or approve. She had previously said she would be going on Spring Break with 3 other girls and we said we didn't like the idea but if she paid for it herself. Now that has fallen through and she's substituting her boyfriend for the 3 girls. I have to tell you we financially support her 100% and the money she will be using will be Christmas money, Birthday money and money saved from the overly generous allowance we send her every month. We don't approve but can we say no to a 20 yr. old? (Or rather should we?) I know that we financially support her totally but should we still treat her as if she's a teen living in our home or is it time to let go?

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