2 yo toilet training


I have a question about toilet training, I am currently trying to toilet train my 2 year old, I have read your toilet training book, and used that method with my other 3 and it worked fine, but my daughter has been at this 2 weeks and we are making very little progress, I tried the potty bell and even used the gate to keep her in the bathroom when I knew she had to go and she peed on the floor, if I even try to make her sit on the potty she screams, I am not getting into power struggles with her, I haven't yelled at her, I don't ask her if she needs to go all the time, and on top of it all the occasional time when she will go she will only use the toilet upstairs but it's me who has to initiate it, she makes no effort and doesn't seem to care when she goes on the floor, I need help, do I just leave her to figure this out because nothing seems to be working, I know she knows what shes doing because she will sometimes hold it for hours when it's obvious she needs to go, im at a loss your input is very much appreciated

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