8-year-old won't obey Cub Scout leader dad


My almost 8 year old son is a good student and well-mannered outside the home and most of the time with us. However, his father is his cub scout den leader and our son will not listen to him most of the time. He tends to goof off with his friends, even when he's being told to do something else. We've talked to him numerous times about what is expected, but it hasn't changed. He says he likes scouts, but now is saying he doesn't want to do it anymore (this after getting in trouble at a recent meeting.) The question is, what is an appropriate consequence to this repeated defiance (he can be disrespectful to mom at home, too)? My husband was planning to take him and 3 or 4 friends to Legoland for his birthday, but in light of he and the other boys not listening to him, he's considering not taking them...he knows of the plans so it would "pull the rug out from under him." Or is there something else that we can do to do change our handling of the situation and get him to listen better? We feel if we agree to not let him participate in scouts next year that he would just be getting his way to not have to listen to dad in that setting.
Thank you for any input

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