Constant Battles with 17 yr old


my 17 yo adopted son since age 6 in October, 2013 when responded via text that he could not spend the night at a person's house, began cussing and hurling nasty things over phone so I suspended the line and he threw the BB we provided and paid for out the window. To drive solo he has always known he would need to have a phone; however, now he would have to purchase himself. After he got his license, I gave him 6 weeks using a borrowed phone to get his own phone/plan. We then purchased a $180 phone at no cost to our son and put him on a $50 per month plan. He said he doesn't want nor need a phone and since we are requiring we should pay for it. So I removed his internet and cable TV access and said that would cost $50 per month. He after a couple of weeks paid us for this month's usage of internet and cable. However, ever since we required of him to pay the $50 now if we ask him to do his chores, his response is that this will now cost $50 per month. So because of his not doing his chores we have restricted his driving to work and his court ordered anger mgmt. We further restricted his ability to drive to school because we have made him quit after school activities he was involved in but not required. The only thing we have left is to tell him he cannot go out with his friends if he asks when not working. Suggestions to deal with this for the next 6 months until he turns 18 which I know what I will be doing at that time.

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