Follow up to pc being a wimp


John you hit the proverbial nail on the head. It took four weeks to get a "ruling" out of the parenting coordinator. The ruling was that the ex-husband and girlfriend could not share a bedroom with the children in the house (or on vacation) until the relationship had been serious for 9 months. (Wimp!!) Then the pc announces that the relationship became serious in June 2006. According to my ex-husband in our sessions (audio taped) he began "dating" the girlfriend in June. In July, the pc asked the ex-husband if this relationship could be classified as serious. Ex-husband replied "it could be". My guess is that the girlfriend is pregnant. Girlfriend is still legally married. PC has made the ruling that my daughter be sent for an "evaluation" to see how she is dealing with her "situation". I pointed out that her "situation" was due to her father's poor parenting judgement. I was not happy.
I guess that in our state, that only if there obvious signs of physical abuse will a parent be held accountable.
Thank you for giving me now and in the future, the stength to have traditional parenting values. My daughter will benefit.

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