27 mo pees in the shower


We are on week 2 of potty training our 27 month old son. He is doing pretty well, I think. He has very few pee pee accidents during the day, as we have him try potty at least every 1/2 hour, if not more frequently. We are using a potty bell for those reminders. My question is: How should I handle it when our son pees in the shower? This happens every night at bath time. He knows it's coming because he says, "pee pee," and then it comes out. His little potty isn't in the bathroom yet. It's in his room. I've tried having him try his potty just before bath time. Sometimes he goes in there and sometimes he doesn't (just before the bath), but in every case, he pees in the shower. He even "aims" it at the drain. So...what should I do? I don't mind him peeing in the shower (I mean, come on, most adults have peed in the shower from time to time, right?!). But I want my response to be consistent with the rest of the training that we are doing. We are following your book to the letter (except we started just after he was 2 because we also had a newborn/c-section when he was 20 months old).

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