8 year old homework troubles


Question related to homework as I am working toward a less active role in helping my 8 yo 2nd grade triplets. I am putting more pressure on them to complete it by on their own. I am having one specific issue getting one assignment in particular completed weekly within the requirements / expectations of the teachers, without some intervention on my part and helping them through it. My one son (2nd grade I remind you) has to do a weekly book report, 4 paragraphs, correct punctuation and grammar (indenting first line, ect...) in addition to specific content in each paragraph about what is read in the book. To me this seems ridiculous expectation for a 2nd grader. It takes my son about 2 hours to do this assignment correctly each week when I help and he gets frustrated as do I. I have let him fly on his own with no help from me with it and when turned it in, he will get a D level grade for it. And it isn't near meeting their expectations. So do I help or not? I have emailed the teacher and mentioned I felt the expectation was too high on this weekly report for their age, but my concerns seem to fall on deaf ears with little to no response. How should I handle? Continue to let him do on his own, email the vice principle about the issue, or just let him get the poor grades continuing to do himself?

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