31 mo toilet training resistance


We are in the process of training our 31 month old boy. After reading your book, he has been bottom naked for the last 10 days without any success. We have been able to catch him a few times as he was starting to pee and get him to the potty. (we have one in each room), but now he is holding it for 2-3 hours at a time and will get to the point of dancing around and holding himself to keep from peeing, but will not pee in potty if you sit him on it and its a battle to get him there.. He will eventually pee on the floor if we don't catch him.. My mother had my brother and I trained at 18 months, so we had started at 18mo. Up until 24 months he would pee (never pooped) if we put him on the potty just about every time. We didn't go with underpants then, but used pullups and I feel that we were not serious with the training at that time and weren't consistent enough. At 24 months he started refusing to sit on the potty and if we tried to sit him on it, he would kick and scream. So, we thought we should wait a few months and start again. He doesn't care if pee or poop get on his legs, he simply is not interested in sitting on it at all. The potty bell meant nothing to him and we tried using the doctor said, but that didn't faze him either. We haven't tried the gate yet. If you ask him where he should go to pee or poop, he will say potty, but has no interest whatsoever. We try not to micromanage him, but he never sits on the potty on his own, if left to his own devices. I know we missed the best time, and now we have a stubborn boy on our hands. I don't feel we should stop and wait more time??

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