13 yo and grades in school


Thank you for your response. I do think I'm guilty of micromanaging, but I am trying to take a step back. We developed a contract which made her responsible for homework and studying. As part of the contract, we have certain expectations for her classes, basically A's and B's, unless it's a subject that she's struggling with because I recognize that she's in honors classes and the curriculum is demanding. Since I have become less involved, she is working now toward all B's.
Last weekend, she said she had no homework, and then had three tests and studied for none of them over the weekend. The test grades were a low B and two C's. The consequence we agreed to in the contract was no electronics until she brought the grades up. I'm sticking to the contract.
I'm going to pick up your book on parenting teens, but I'm wondering should we stick with the contract for her schoolwork?

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