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Our Son is 12 months old, generally he is a well behaved baby, but when he is cranky he tends to get a bit angry. When this happens he takes his hand and slaps whoever is carrying him in the face. I know he is still very young but how do you discipline a 12 month old to grow out of that? What can I do to stop this from turning into a habit. At what age can one start disciplining a child?
I suggest you go to John's Q&A section where he answers a similar question. Go to the Home Page and on the left side of your screen you'll find "Topics." Click on "Aggression " and then scroll down to "Birth to 18 mos." The heading is "One Year Old Slapping Parents and Screaming."
I also recommend reading John's book Making the Terrible Twos Terrific!" It can be obtained through John's bookstore at,,, or at or through your local bookseller. If you don't feel the Q&A I directed you to is adequate please write back.

All the best!

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