13 year old being bullied?


Last week my 13 yo son walked into his homeroom class and this kid DG handed my son a sandwich. My son asked why he was giving him a sandwich and DG said its CL. My son gave the sandwich back to CL. CL thought my son stole the sandwich so he crumbled and ripped my son's HW. We then found out that CL has been poking and kicking and shutting my son's locker since the beginning of the school year. Apparently DG does things to CL and then says it was my son, so CL then retaliates against my son. The principal found out and interviewed 9 kids in the class and they all said that this has been happening. DG then got in trouble. Now DG has gotten a bunch of kids to ignore my son, one of which my son thinks is his friend. So now the two kids my son has finally made friends with (this has been a 7 year struggle), are siding with this kid and ignoring my son. My question is. What can we do, if anything, to help my son through this?

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