14 yo wants to party (she wouldn't admit it, of course)


My daughter is 14 and she says I don't "trust" her and her main rationale for this statement is her best friend's parents. These parents leave their 14 and 16 year old kids by themselves in Maryland and fly to Florida for 3-4 nights each month with no adult supervision. The kids have thrown 2 parties with under-age drinking and used condoms left at house but again parents went this past weekend and snow storm delayed their return home. I have tried to explain to my daughter that this is not typical parenting and I am concerned about her and her brother's welfare. But I am struggling with a way to do this without throwing other parents "under the bus" as I see it this is unacceptable parenting. In addition, my daughter may not believe me that this is bad parenting and just assume again that "I don't trust her." Thank you for any advice. I read column every week in Annapolis Capital newspaper.

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