17 yo obsessed with college boy


17yr old daughter does pretty well in school & has done ok with house rules until she started seeing college boy. Had some serious issues with the boy at first so our rule was he is to come to our house to see her for the first while (earn trust both from him & her). She is OBSESSED with him-texts all night & all day while she is in school. She's become more insecure. She asks if he can come over during school night I say "YES if you have your homework done". Then I see her working on homework while he is there or frantically when he leaves at 10pm. She doesn't communicate until last minute through text & expects the answer to be YES.She doesn't do her responsibilities-she has NO money,NO job but yet wants to do things. She text today that she was driving to his house after school (25 miles away). I said NO...reasons 1.) Rule was he'd come to our house 2.)she has no money for gas 3.) she is to clean barn/she didn't do this weekend..She is VERY mad-They text they will be together FOREVER & wish they could spend 24/7 together but parents & his job prevents them from that-but he tells her in 2 months when she is 18yrs all her problems will be gone-she will be able to do whatever/whenever she wants & never get in trouble again or answer to parents. Need suggestions on the expectations when she turns 18 yrs old. (besides MY HOUSE-follow house rules)

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