27 month old screaming at bedtime


27 mo old waking at night

He was an amazing sleeper from 6 wks on....until about 2 weeks ago. About every other night he wakes up crying 2-4 times. If we leave him to 'hopefully' calm down (it has worked before) he gets louder and louder...eventually screaming and pounding on his door.

I read a reply you gave someone else w/similar issue. Here is a part of it: "..... letting him cry it out isn't a good idea either. when he wakes up, go in and comfort him, but don't pick him up. just talk softly and rub his back. when he's calm, leave the room. if he starts crying again, give it a few minutes, then go back in and comfort...then leave...then wait a few minutes...then, if he's crying, go in and comfort...this should resolve it within a week or two."

It sounds logical....However, problem is, you say "when he is calm"....IF he gets calm, the minute we stand up to leave the room, he pops out of bed and while crying, runs to the door and turns on his light. (just tall enough now to reach) If we have made it out, he starts pounding the door and screaming. So, we let him have his tantrum for a while, then go back in and do it all over again until eventually HE is exhausted enough to fall asleep.

10 days ago I had to take his diaper changing table out of his room. If he got up on it, he couldn't get down....and he knows we will come get him off of it. I was too tired to keep going in and removing him from it.

Along with any suggestions, I'd like to know why letting them cry it out isn't a good idea???

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