13 year old exhibiting pre-sociopathic characteristics


My thirteen year old son is currently room confined (no electronics, just books) for Spring Break. We room confined him because he is disrespectful, deceitful, sneaky, rude, failing several classes and is a discipline problem at school. We felt that losing his Spring break might be a good way for him to see that we are not going to tolerate his nonsense. While he has been in his room confinement, he has come out of his room many times without permission, has screamed curse words at us through his door, has stolen things from his brother's room (next door), and has, in general, shown his disdain for us and no remorse for why he was room confined in the first place. Our instinct is to go over the list of infractions (it is long) he committed while on room confinement this week and extend the room confinement longer as a consequence. Does this make sense? Based on all the infractions, we would probably add on at least another week to the one he is about to complete tomorrow. Are we being punitive here? Or not tough enough? My husband and I are ready to room confine him indefinitely if that is what it takes. He is forced to attend youth group at our church weekly and the youth pastors are aware of his ill judgments.Some short background: My son has been arrested twice in the past (for being violent, destroying property & for stealing money out of my wallet). He was sent to Catholic boarding school earlier this year but was expelled for being found naked, in bed, with another boy. He has also set 2 small fires w/in the last 2-3 months.

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