Over-Tired Three Year Old Defiant


Almost 3 year old is very well-behaved for a 3-year old. But when tired and overstimulated (after coming back home from somewhere) is disobedient (albeit normal at this age I reckon!) with instructions especially getting ready for nap or sleep ie potty, change of clothes if wet or dirty. I've tried to cut her some slack when she's tired but am not sure how to get her to change her clothes, potty etc when she's in that defiant, tired mood. I can't 'manhandle' her to get her clothes on, she will lie on the floor and kick. I've usually tried time outs to calm her down but sometimes that doesn't work. Yes I have smacked just to get her attention and she will cry of course, but that seems rather punitive! I've also given out consequences before such as not letting her have her favourite bear to sleep but find it quite unfair especially if she's been relatively good all day. Put simply, I don't want to overuse consequences. Do you have any suggestions how I should handle transitions for a tired child her age, without getting into a power struggle or being harsh/punitive?

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