3 yo damp underpants again


Reply to 3 year old and damp underpants: Stopped micromanaging 3 weeks ago. She decides when to use potty, apart from scheduled times like before nap, after nap and before going out. She will call out to be wiped, that's when I know she's damp/wet. I've been doing this for 3 weeks now with zero improvement with damp underpants. Yes, she wets *everytime* she goes because she waits 3-4 hours before going! Sometimes more than a damp patch, but plenty left for the potty. Yesterday I told her she will be rewarded with chocolate (I know! Just trying different things!) if she doesn't have to wash her pants, and I knew it! She managed to do just that and get through the day without any damp/wet underpants. Today, no mention of rewards and she's back to wetting. My daughter definitely knows how to use the potty properly but is not motivated at all to stop playing to use the potty. She does not mind her pants being soaked at all! Should I still continue to do what I've been doing for the next several months? I suspect my level of micromanagement + frustration for the longest time put us both in this position. The question is, when should I put my foot down with wetting if ever? Perhaps never ever? It's just another few pairs of pants to wash, I don't mind that part. But I don't like the 'laziness' involved in this. What do you think?

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