30 mo twins and time out


Question regarding the time-out place. We are short on space in our house, and the only options for a "time-out place" for our boy/girl twins are either their room (which currently only has mattresses on the floor and a baby gate across the door) or the main floor bathroom. Given how much they love getting in the bathtub, playing with the toilet, pulling on the shower curtain, playing with the sink, etc, this seems like both a safety issue and like sending them to their favorite play land. Currently, we use their bedroom for sleep, as well as use it for independent play (they love having their own area to play that is away from mom/dad/nanny/6 month old baby sister). Is using their bedroom as the "time-out" place going to make a negative association with their room and add to the challenges we already have in getting them to nap in their room or make them not want to use their room for playtime?

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