26 month old very opinionated


My son is 26 months old. He is VERY opinionated and particular. About 4 months ago - he became in love with all of his short sleeved UT orange t-shirts his dad bought him - now it is the ONLY thing he will wear. They all just left for an outing and it's cold here - so I had to put on a long sleeve and I could NOT believe how he reacted - he is so strong I could barely control him - he also likes to wear gray sweat pants so when I tried to put jeans on him - he went nots kicking - I had to put him in his crib and leave the room for myself to regroup. It took me and my husband to get the pants on him - he was screaming and cry - I was extremely upset and then my husband started yelling at him which just made things worse for all.

Is this a normal "boy" thing to do? - maybe girls do this as well, but mine did not. I think it's time the UT shirts disappear as well as the sweat pants - what do you think?

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