6 yo being homeschooled


My husband and I have four children ages 1-6. We started our daughter at our neighborhood (supposedly "fantastic") public elementary school. After my daughter's kindergarten class was overcrowded and understaffed, we pulled her and began home schooling. We read what Dr. Rosemond had to say regarding home schooling and tried to implement his suggestions as best we could. We recently had our daughter tested for gifted. She is gifted, but scored very low with regards to her ability to pay attention to things that do not interest her. They suggested this could be because she is not in a structured school environment and has three siblings who tend to interupt, etc. When I compare her to other homeschoolers in our coop, I would consider her to be one of the better disciplined/attentive students. I was wondering if this was a general problem among home schoolers (because it is easy to bounce from topic of interest to topic of interest), and if so do you have any suggestions. We hope to raise our four children to be contributing members of society someday, and we certainly want to teach them to persevere even when things do not interest them. Have you observed this being a problem among home schoolers?

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